What I learned from Johnny Rotten’s autobiography (Part 3)

Five things about John Lydon I didn’t know and I’m embarrassed that I didn’t:

  1. He moved to L.A., first Pasadena then Malibu where Herb Alpert was his neighbor (early 1980s).
  2. As Time Zone, he collaborated with Afrika Bambaataa on “World Destruction” (1984).
  3. PiL Ltd. released four albums I never heard about: 9 (1989), That What Is Not (1992), This is PiL (2012), What The World Needs Now… (2015). (I blame the record company. See full discography.)
  4. He hosted nature shows on great white sharks and mountain gorillas (2004-05).
  5. He became a U.S. citizen (2013).



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