Ramones_-_Ramones_coverRamones released their first LP on April 23, 1976 — six days after I turned 18 and could drink legally in NY then. My graduation money that June went for an amp, receiver, turntable and Advent loudspeakers (that I still have!). My summer job was stock boy at the local department store before heading to junior college. My first Ramones LP was their third, Rocket to Russia, at the end of 1977. My vinyl Ramones Ramones is from early 1978.

Recovered the collaboration between Jed and me. Ballads Under New Regime. I wrote and read the poetry. Jed (Myers) created the music.

Written during the George W. Bush administration, we recorded the tracks at Jack Straw Studios in 2007. The ballads are transcribed in A History of Guns in the Family from Ravenna Press (2008).

Listen and download here:

Ballads Under New Regime (Bandcamp)

Ballads Under New Regime (SoundCloud)

We’re working on a Reprise incited by the new administration. Will keep you posted on progress.