A History of Poetry Comics #06

To understand the expanse of the poetry comics universe, the online remains of INK BRICK (2013-2019) provide a perfect primer. Contributors to the literary journal, which was exclusively dedicated to poetry comics, include poets and comics artists working in all media. The resulting 10 volumes fill in the central tenets of poetry comics while pushing the outer reaches.

INK BRICK was a micro-press dedicated to comics poetry

Here are 5 ways INK BRICK inspires me:

  1. Overwhelming feeling of encouragement. I’m not alone. There are others who continue to make art that build context using words and drawings.
  2. The feeling of inclusiveness. There’s a heartening diversity in this community. No matter if you find your way to poetry comics as a poet first or a comics artist first, you are welcomed.
  3. There’s a lot to explore (and learn) here. For example: The list of Contributors include links to artists’ websites that lead to new explorations and inspirations.
  4. Pro Tip: Dig through the Archive for hidden gems. You’ll find lots of great notes and quotes here.
  5. And the best take-away: There’s not just one way to express poetry comics or comics poetry. “There are many paths to the top of the mountain.”


Timeline: 2013-2019

Warning: This incomplete history maps my journey as a poet learning about comics and doesn’t follow a strict chronological order.

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