2 quotes on history and 1 on map making:

i have no history / up arrival, i am / always writing it (Kevin Coval)

Everything is history–only some of it is remembered (Saul Weisberg)

There is no end to the information we can use. A “good” map provides the information we need for a particular purpose–or the information the mapmaker wants us to have. (Peter Torchi)

Ramones_-_Ramones_coverRamones released their first LP on April 23, 1976 — six days after I turned 18 and could drink legally in NY then. My graduation money that June went for an amp, receiver, turntable and Advent loudspeakers (that I still have!). My summer job was stock boy at the local department store before heading to junior college. My first Ramones LP was their third, Rocket to Russia, at the end of 1977. My vinyl Ramones Ramones is from early 1978.